Worker Walks Up To White Tiger’s Enclosure To Clean The Window, Cat’s Reaction Is Too Funny

Updated January 17, 2018

Children are known to mimic us when it comes to how we talk, act and even the tiny little gestures we make. It is for this reason that we have to watch what we say when we are around them, just in case a bad word slips out. While it can be funny to hear a child repeat a profanity, it isn’t teaching them the best skill in life. When we become parents, it’s important for us to be on our best behavior, at least when we are around our children, considering they are like sponges and absorb everything we say and do.

While our kiddos are quick to copy our actions, it turns out that animals aren’t much different and they have a tendency to mimic our moves. One white tiger in a China zoo proved that he is no different from his human counterpart, and he can clean just as well as the zoo worker that he was copying.

In an adorable video, the white tiger is seen trying to move his paws in the same circular motions that the cleaner on the other side of the glass is doing. Two tourists happened to be around for the moment and captured it on film, showing just how smart and silly tigers can actually be. He can be seen pawing away at the glass directly across from the cleaner as if he is attempting to clean his side as well. When the cleaner takes a break, the tiger takes a break.

This particular tiger is known as a White Bengal, which are an extremely rare breed in the wild. They are technically Bengal Tigers, but they are white due to a genetic anomaly. The white fur is caused by a lack of the pigment pheomelanin, which is found in Bengal tigers with orange color fur.In order to be born a white Bengal, both parents need to carry the rare gene, which occurs naturally in only one in every 10,000 births. Because their color is so rare, they have become extremely popular with zoos and circuses. You can see another white Bengal roaming around in the background of the tiger dwelling.

Commenters shared a variety of different opinions about the video. Some felt that this behavior was fairly normal for tigers…

“It is normal…It is a young cub which wants to play!”

Some commenters shared their opinions on the fact that zoos do nothing for animals…

“I hate Zoos. They should all be shut down. Look at this magnificent cat stuck behind glass. Tragic.”

Others felt sorry for the tiger, saying that it wanted to go home and this was how he was showing that he wanted to escape the confined space. And another commenter felt that the video was not hilarious and instead it was sickening.

Over the years, zoos and circuses have gotten a bad reputation as people are learning of mistreatment cases that have resulted in injured animals. Nowadays, there is a big push to get elephants out of the circus due to these discovered cases.