Woman Consumed By Her Cell Phone Experiences What Many Call Their Worst Nightmare (video)

Updated January 7, 2018

Technology is great. It allows us to stay connected with friends both old and new and with one simple click we can have anything we desire shipped to our front door. It simplifies life in so many ways, but it can also serve as a deterrent, especially if we have trouble with knowing when to shut it off and disconnect. One woman in China recently learned about the importance of being fully present and in the moment.

While consumed by whatever was on her phone, the woman walked onto a lift in the Conch Building in Zhongshan West Road of Shanghai, not realizing that it had already started to move. A gruesome and tragic incident happened as a result. The woman’s leg allegedly got severed as a result and the terrifying moment was captured on CCTV footage. You can see her leg get caught between the doors as the lift goes up. She trips and stumbles and is left clinging to the floor as her leg gets compressed for three floors before the lift finally stops.

The footage in the video suggests that her right leg was cut off below the knee, but whether she survived has not been confirmed.

In the video, you can see another woman behind her stopping when she sees the lift go up. Luckily that woman was spared from the incident thanks to the fact that she was aware of her surroundings.

Commenters shared their concerns…

“Absolutely horrific, poor woman.”

One pointed out the fact that China needs better safety for their buildings…

“Poor lady. This, unfortunately, speaks volumes about the safety culture in China, or lack of to be precise. Properly designed, installed and maintained safety systems prevent this type of event.”

Evidently, China focuses on cleanliness instead of safety…

“My brother goes to China for an employer. He says buildings, streets, train stations, trains sparkling clean but not a safety standard in sight……..as he says “China at your own risk.”

“Lift doors should spring back if anything is blocking their closure. That is a very poor excuse for a lift. Hope the lady recovers and really it is nothing to do with looking at texts on a phone in this instance.”

Two things can be established from this tragic incident. The first thing is that China certainly needs to update their architecture to comply with safety standards. And two…while it’s tempting to do two things at once, such as walking and reading or scrolling through social media, it’s always best to take precaution and live in the moment and focus on the task at hand. For this woman, it was getting onto the lift safely.

One commenter expressed the importance of putting the phone away…

“I love my smartphone but when out and about I leave it in my pocket with me. I suppose that being in my early 70 s there is much less pressure on me to be doing something on the phone. If you are doing anything in house or out side you must be aware of what’s going on around you all the time. Think of it this way your phone will only ring if some one wants you thus you will be able to answer in a more controlled way. Give yourself a break from the phone. Just saying.”