Woman Appears In Court Over Disturbing Crime Involving Her Dead Mother

Updated January 25, 2018

While her relatives were honoring her dead mother, Alyce Davenport allegedly broke into the deceased woman’s home and proceeded to steal a safe loaded with valuables. Because she knew that everyone would be at the funeral, Davenport with the help of an accomplice set out to make the heist of her dead mother’s safe. On Monday, 30-year-old Davenport and her 27-year-old alleged accomplice Diron Conyers appeared in court to face the consequences of their disturbing crime.

The police got a call about the stolen safe on Friday. The caller told the police that the thief took the safe while the home was unoccupied because everyone was at the woman’s funeral.

And while family members were celebrating the life of Davenport’s mother, Audra Johnson, she was in the house stealing the safe that contained valuables.

Johnson’s fiancé was the one to make the call to the cops. He told the police that the crime was committed during the funeral. And he had noticed that Davenport was not in attendance at the monumental event.

The Worcester Telegram reported that the contents of Johnson’s safe were worth about $90,000. And after it was stolen, Davenport disappeared. She did not answer calls from her family members and tried to flee with the money.

But she did not do a good job with it. Davenport and Conyers were found at a motel in Sturbridge. They were arrested on Saturday.

On Monday, Davenport had her arraignment. She is being held on $15,000 bond. Conyers, who had a separate warrant out for his arrest, is being held without bail.

As police were arresting the pair on Saturday, they found numerous valuables in the motel room. Davenport stole jewelry, cell phones, and even a real estate contract that had to do with the property from which she took the safe. Davenport was also in possession of a checkbook that had been reported stolen from a separate burglary in Southington, Connecticut. She also had an assortment of legal documents and a bag of money that contained $5,000 worth of coins. The safe also contained a bag of knives.

The pair is expected back in court in the first week of February.

Commenters on MassLive.com shared their reactions. The following were a few popular replies.

“If she had half a brain she would have been at the funeral and let her boyfriend do the stealing.”

“Why is it the woman gets bail while the man doesn’t? Doesn’t sound very equal to me? If this sniveling creep of a daughter didn’t hatch this plan to rob her mother, the guy would never have been involved. How would he know what’s in the safe, or that there was a safe at all?”

“How low can she be?  Can’t even go to a convenience store!”

“If the mom was smart enough to have a safe, she was probably smart enough to have a will and guess who was most likely not in it? And, I’ve got a pretty good guess for a reason why.”

“Stolen or Taken?? That’s the daughter, and obviously she wasn’t married, so who do you think will be her heirs?? Gonna be an interesting case.”