Whale Shows Astounding Display Of Compassion, Saves Diver’s Life (video)

Updated January 10, 2018

In a heartwarming display of inter-species friendship, a gargantuan 25-ton whale saved a diver from an approaching shark. The giant ocean mammal allowed the diver to hide from the predator by getting the diver under its fin and pushing her to a safe place away from the shark.

The giant humpback whale was spending time with biologist Nan Hauser and her team when a shark started approaching. The undersea predator seemed especially hungry.

But the giant whale protected the diver in the unbelievable incident that occurred in the waters off Muri Beach in the Cook Islands.

The biologist, Nan, is not surprised. But she is excited to have the evidence on video. She claims it is proof that whales care about other species and do not want harm coming to them.

The underwater giant went out of its way to shield the 63-year-old biologist from the approaching shark. The humpback kept the shark away from the biologist.

Nan Hauser has spent her career studying whales as a marine biologist. And she was overjoyed to see the humpback saving her from the hungry tiger shark. The humpback put the diver under its fin and used its massive head and mouth to push her to a safer place away from the shark.

You can watch the 50,000-pound whale saving the 63-year-old biologist. It is an incredible sight to behold.

The incident occurred in October. She believes this is proof that whales care about other species and possess reasoning abilities.

To help show the power of this act, she compared the whale’s maneuver to a fireman who rushed into a burning home to save the lives of strangers. This whale did not have to protect the biologist, but it did because it cared.

The tiger shark was big. It measured about 15-feet long.

Out of the shot, Nan told the Mirror that another whale is using its tail to slap the water to keep the shark away.

She was snorkeling when she saw the shark approach. She first thought it was another whale until the terrifying truth became clear.

“I wasn’t sure what the whale was up to when he approached me, and it didn’t stop pushing me around for over 10 minutes. I’ve spent 28 years underwater with whales, and have never had a whale so tactile and so insistent on trying to tuck me under his huge pectoral fin. In my head, I was a bit amused since I write Rules and Regulations about whale harassment – and here I was being harassed by a whale.”

While scientists dedicate their careers to rescue the whales, Nan found it uplifting and ironic that the whale saved her life from the shark.

“It’s funny how the tables are turned here: I’ve spent the past 28 years protecting whales, and in the moment, I didn’t even realize that they were protecting me!”

Nan lives on the Cook Islands and has regular access to these amazing mammals. Check out the clip below.

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