Welcome Sign To Malibu, CA Is Causing National Outrage Because Of What’s Scribbled Underneath

Updated January 10, 2018

Clearly, there is a great debate going on in American regarding illegal immigrants.  One side of the debate sticks to the argument that all people who have entered America through illegal means should be rounded up and sent home.  That includes those kids who moved here at a young age and really only know America but have parents who come from elsewhere.  The other side of the debate points out that while fixing the broken immigration system is a priority, the government should not come down hard on those who are already living and working in the country.

These conflicting points of view were made the but of a joke in Malibu recently.  A prank sign to the city of Malibu proclaimed it to be an “Official Sanctuary State” just below the official sign welcoming people into the state of California.  The prankster had really done his homework in designing a blue sign that looked as real as can be – including state symbols and other official-like design elements.

The sanctuary sign – which reads out “Felons, Illegals, and MS13 welcome” – is a cutting attack against official state policy of accepting immigrants and helping those living and working in California achieve status.

Below the main message is the tongue-in-cheek comment “Democrats Need the Votes”, accompanied by the official symbol of the Democratic Party: a donkey.

The government was quick to react.  California Department of Transportation official spokesman Mark Dinger was quick to tell Fox news that one of the two signs was taken down yesterday.  Another crew has apparently been dispatched to take down the second sign and rid the roads of any political jokes that could distract people from driving and potentially cause accidents.

The agency released an official statement that reads, “For safety reasons, Caltrans does not permit any unauthorized signs in the state right of way,” adding further that “if we haven’t done so already, Caltrans crew will take steps to remove them.”

These signs are clearly in response to recent political decisions made by the state.  Democratic governor Jerry Brown signed a bill into law in October that made California a “sanctuary state” for those immigrants who want to pursue legal status.

The current law makes it illegal for cops to ask people about their official immigrant status.  It also bans them from engaging in any immigration enforcement activity because of their sworn duty to be objective in their work.

This is a serious issue for the Golden State which is home to over 2.3 illegal immigrants.  The commentary like this signage is nothing new from a citizenship that is very engaged in the issue.  It is similar to a sign posted in April that read “Official Sanctuary City: Cheap Nannies and Gardners Make Malibu Great!”.

Both these signs were shared widely across social media and people just loved to see the humor in them.  Government officials are not quite as happy because it is a violation of public property – but at least it shows people are engaged in the issues!