Simple Method For Wrapping Gifts Takes Less Time And Comes Out Perfect Every Single Time

Updated December 8, 2017

Although you might not be able to believe it, the holiday season is fast approaching. With Labor Day come and gone, now is the time to start planning your Christmas and holiday gifts. While you might not want to buy anything until the Black Friday sales that are supposed to be epic this year, it’s never too early to learn this trick for wrapping presents that will save you a lot of time later on.

If you find wrapping gifts to be a tedious, boring task, then this Japanese gift wrapping trick will help you finish it in minutes. In the past, if you’ve spend hours wrapping presents for Christmas, learn this trick and cut down your work time to minutes. Here’s how!

Keep reading to discover the step by step instructions to wrap gifts in seconds. You might have seen these videos before, but in the clip below, you’ll finally get the behind-the-scenes look at the gift wrapping trick so you can implement it yourself.

The method uses a diagonal fold that speeds up the gift wrapping process to less than 30 seconds. The man in the video below, slowed down the process, and broke it down into a step-by-step tutorial that anyone can learn!

Before you get started, you’ll need to have your gift in a rectangular or square box in order to use this method. This tutorial will not work for you if you have a gift with an odd shape.

So if your gift is not a rectangle, buy a rectangular box and put your present in it. Then you’re ready to follow these Japanese wrapping steps.

First, make sure you have a large-enough piece of wrapping paper to cover the entire gift. You want enough paper to cover 2-inches over and the other side to be up the length of the short-end of the box.

Stick your present in the middle. Rotate it onto its thin end so it is just a little bit inside the edge of the wrapping paper. Make sure it is about the same distance on the other edge.

Pull the paper up to create an edge. Then pinch the paper at the end and pull it up on edge of the present. Use tape to kept that in place.

Going clockwise, do the same thing to the next corner of the paper.

Now that half of the present is wrapped, you’ll do the same thing to the final part but doing both corners at the same time.

Fold in the corners to make the fold nicer. Watch the video below to see exactly how it is done and you’ll be able to use the Japanese gift wrapping method to wrap presents in 30 seconds too!

More than 5.5 million people have watched this tutorial. Here is what some fans said in the comments:

  • “I should have watched this video before I wrapped all the presents… oh well. Next year, then.”
  • “It works pretty well with square or rectangular boxes. Flatter items like books and DVDs are trickier because you don’t really get that room to tuck and fold up the side.”

“What is this sorcery! I must wrap something right now”

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