Ship Traveling In The North Sea Films One Of The Largest Waves Ever (video)

Updated January 19, 2018

A spectacular wave of epic proportions was caught on video – and it wasn’t movie magic or special effects, but actual reality. Nature clearly is showing off in this 2016 video, showing the viewpoint of a ship traveling through the North Sea as it’s struck by a 100-foot wave that builds and builds and then crashes on the deck. It’s a massive sight to behold as a viewer of the video, but can you imagine what it was like to experience it first hand? A man filming the footage is heard marveling at the massive wave in action, laughing and, at one point, saying, “That’s f**king awesome!” It’s a wild ride and he’s there for every second of it.

Thankfully, the ship was a large enough vessel to survive the event, with the footage landing online and gaining plenty of attention.

Whether or not the wave was actually 100 feet is unclear, but it’s very evident that it was very significant.

Many people commented on the spectacular video, with a fair number of commenters wondering how the man filming the wave could have been so happy about it, including one person who noted: “You either laugh or you piss your pants at a time like that.”

Another commenter explained:

“They’re on a tanker ship, the buoyancy of a tanker ship is capable of slapping a wave that even if its bigger than the ship. And also a tanker ship would still float even if its push through underwater but if the captain sailed the ship in the wrong direction not facing the wave it will flip over based on how fast the wave is going since every tanker ship has a different shape and model. There’s some we’re really capable of surviving a tsunami tidal wave and most of them are weather ships trying to observe the storm of how will it affect the transport ships and if they will be eligible to continue on the trip or not.”

As for the size of the wave, another commenter noted:

“The largest waves on earth are not at the beach, they are deep sea. They do regularly go over 100 ft out there. Google ‘largest deep sea wave’ and you’ll see that 800 ft waves have been discovered in the Pacific ocean.

Another commenter spoke from experience, adding:

“Former sailor here. Gettin’ tossed around on a ship like that is actually kinda fun. It’s only terrifying if you let it be. Otherwise, it’s another day at the office. I kinda miss it.”

Others commented on the guy laughing in the video, writing:

“I can’t decide what’s more entertaining. Watching the scary waves from the safety of my desk or listening to the guy laughing” and “That laugh was the scariest part.” Another person noted: “I am getting seasick by just watching at it” and another commenter agreed, writing: “I can’t speak for everyone else, but man I got dizzy watching this video on a screen! I can only imagine how I’d feel if I were there in real life! Man, motion sickness sucks.”