She’s Taking Dog For Walk When They Pass NYPD Police Horse, Captures Rare Moment On Video

Updated January 10, 2018

This sweet moment caught on video between two animals on opposite ends of the size spectrum will melt your heart.

A little French bulldog named Frenchie was being walked by her owner on Wall Street in New York City when they came upon a police horse. Frenchie was interested, to say the least.

The sweet interaction even drew a small crowd of people interested in seeing how the two would get along. Would the horse be disinterested or annoyed? Would Frenchie be frightened of the giant beast?

Turns out, they became fast friends, despite their differences. The video description explained the scene: “I saw this on my walk back to the office from lunch. It was a nice contrast to the perception everyone has of the NYPD in the area due to the Occupy Wall Street camp nearby.”

Frenchie stared in awe at the horse before jumping and spinning excitedly, definitely looking for some playful interaction. The horse was interested, but calm while on duty. At one point the two touched their noses and it’s beyond sweet.

No doubt about it, Frenchie had quite an adventure that day in the city!

One person commented on the video: “All I could think of was this little dog talking to this horse ‘Hey! HEY!! Giant dog! Leave your human and come play with me! We will play the chase and the tag and shall jump and run and be very merry!’”

Another commenter added: “Omgosh that was so adorable!!! Little Frenchie was so in love with the new best friend (super big dog horse) that he pushes away the little girl to keep the horse pal for Frenchie only.”

Another person noted that police horses “are specially selected for their natural ability to maintain a calm demeanor in the chaotic city environment. All horses are interested in small critters, and this one is enjoying the chance to breathe in and learn about the hyper excitement that the French bulldog is displaying toward her.”

Others shared their own experiences of horses interacting with other animals, with one person noting: “I remember where I used to take horseback riding lessons; they had a lot of barn cats and a lot of kittens and your heart almost stopped when the kittens were in the stall with the horses, weaving around their hoofs. But I never saw or heard of a horse ever stepping on one of them by accident; they were incredibly gentle and careful with the kittens.”

The commenter continued: “I’ve also seen how harness racing horses have small animal companions who live with them, and travel with them to races, because it’s thought to be calming & de-stressing for them. Therapy animals if you will! They might have a goat, a miniature horse—or a rabbit with them. It’s so adorbs: a big star race horse, and his/her little companion rabbit!”

Still another person added this information about their local police horses, writing: “Here in St. Pete, FL the police horses are half thoroughbred and half Percheron, and they have the Percheron temperament. This city is so dog-friendly that the horses get trained for doggy encounters. It is so sweet.”