She Secretly Records Husband Taking Out The Trash. Shares It To Facebook, Instantly Goes Viral

Updated January 18, 2018

Only one thing can warm us up on the coldest of winter days. That one thing is laughter. When we view the world from a ‘warm’ perspective, we have the power to turn an icy situation into something that can give us joy and life for years to come. And that’s what one couple managed to do while out trying to handle the stress of the icy driveway. After demanding that her husband take out the trash on a chilly night, one mom from the United Kingdom watched as the simple errand turned into a task from hell.

When she saw her husband making a fool of himself out in the driveway, she knew that she had to catch the clip on film to use as leverage later.

Her husband grabbed onto the large trash bin and started rolling it out to the road. But the driveway had other plans. Because it was covered in black ice, he had no idea that he was heading for disaster.

As mom watches her husband fail at the ordinary task, the man Alun Miles struggles against nature to drag the bin to the curb.

Dad struggles to finish the job while his wife and their kids laugh at him with pure enjoyment. The pathetic father is out there in the cold while his wife is filming him fail at the ordinary task. Hopefully, he has the ability to laugh at himself, so he doesn’t take being the butt of the joke personally.

To add to the comedic moment, you can see the garbage truck driving right past the busy husband. But he refuses to give up.

And that’s when his wife steps in to help. She tells him to “Put it in front of you,” but she might just have said that to make life harder for him. From the look of this video, that seems to be a typical day in the Miles household.

His wife’s advice serves only to make taking out the trash all the harder. Because the driveway is so steep, he has to fight against gravity and the ice. With zero-to-no friction, he has a difficult task to finish.

For nearly three minutes, you can watch Alun fight against nature, and the icy driveway, to finish a mundane task that we all must do.

The clip has gone viral with tens of thousands of hits.

Some viewers believe that Alun’s wife owes him a special treat after he suffers the way he did.

“He deserved a special treat that evening for his efforts. (Give him) a foot massage or let him watch the game on TV without having to change the channel halfway through.”

“Instead of going out and helping the poor guy she sits there for 3 minutes laughing at him? How can this be considered funny?”

One viewer found the wife’s laughter contagious.

“This is hilarious. Her laughter is so infectious. (This) really put a smile on my face.”

Does it put a smile on your face, too?