School Quiz Given To 10-Year-Olds Has Most People Stumped, Can You Figure It Out (answer)

Updated November 14, 2017

When you were a little kid, your quizzes and tests probably revolved around two main things. Either they were math questions, or they were spelling questions. While we do share some challenging grade school math questions with you on here, today we’d like to highlight a spelling test that is making the rounds on social media and the internet. The trick quiz, which comes from Playbuzz, asks you to turn back time and step into the shoes of a ten-year-old.

While they may seem simple, you may find these questions deceptively difficult

This viral quiz will challenge your spelling skills. But will you be able to outsmart a ten-year-old? They’re expected to answer these kinds of questions almost every week. Are your spelling skills smart enough to pass?

In this quiz, come face to face with spelling and vocabulary questions that can make

You might think you’re wicked smart, but this test might prove otherwise. And it can be a humbling experience, let me tell you.

While this quiz certainly sounds easy, and may even feel easy while you’re doing it, you might see that you’ve forgotten a few spelling tricks that you used to know when you were younger. It’s time to put your skills to the test and see if you’re smarter than a ten-year-old. Honestly? Not many people are scoring 100 percent on this quiz. Take it for yourself and challenge your mind to remember how to spell these words.

The following are some responses that people shared on Mail Online after they completed the challenging quiz. As you can tell from the comments, some people were a bit sore about not getting all the answers correct and tried to keep face by throwing around some insults and excuses.

“A 10 yr old wouldn’t have heard of half those words.”

“Most adults I have met are not smarter than a ten-year-old.”

“Stupid test does not work. So easy, it was a waste of time.”

“Got them all right. That’s because I had a proper education in the 60/70s!”

“I was born in 83, also got them all right- A+ it says only 2/100 Americans can answer them correctly!”

On PlayBuzz people were excited when they passed.

“Passed!! Wow!! You passed!! Only 2 in 100 American adults can pass this 5th-grade basic spelling test. You must have been a straight ‘A’ student as a kid, right? Curious, bright, and open-minded! Ok, I’m not American. Still not sure if I gave good answers to every question. I’m pissed now. Truly, I like better quizzes where you immediately see the bad/good answers.”

“Actually, I don’t even know for sure if these words are at a 5th-grade level since I haven’t been in 5th grade in a long time. Nevertheless, I’m sure you must have been a straight ‘A’ student as a kid, right? I’m sure you’re curious, bright, and open-minded since you’re taking time off from your busy schedule to take a spelling test in order to confirm your knowledge of this subject.”

Take the quiz. How did you do on this spelling quiz for ten-year-olds?