Police Find Fake Money, Show People What To Look For So They’re Not Scammed

Updated January 8, 2018

So much action has been going on in other parts of Texas this past year.  There was the flood in Houston not too long ago that really set the city back a few months.  Then there was the shooting at a church in rural Texas that shocked the entire nation.  What is going on in the Lone Star State these days?  It seems like there are weird things happening these days, from the serious stuff to the mundane.

Take a recent surprise in El Paso, for example.  Police in El Paso recently found a whole bunch of fake money being used around the town.  Is this money the work of a cunning counterfeit thief who’s helping people save money by spending the fake stuff?

The truth is that we have to look West to find the culprit – all the way to Hollywood.  It turns out the money was taken from the movie sets!  The cops reported that the greenbacks look just like regular money: they have a serial number on the back and all the other banknote identifiers.

However, there is one clear indication it’s fake – the phrase ‘For Motion Picture Use Only’ is written on the back of all the fake bills.

The money is made in small amounts for use on sets in films and theatre.  It was never meant to reach the public, but somehow it did.  Do people even know?

The Police made the report to help shop owners who would otherwise not have checked their bills.

“The style of the money has been around for a few years, but we haven’t seen a whole lot of it here in El Paso,” said Darrel Petry to KFox-TV.  Petry is the police spokesman for the city of El Paso and clearly has done some research into the matter.

The police are asking residents to be alert about this money floating around.  They are also asking for any information anyone might have about who has been using this money, and/or where it came from.

“We would like for people to be the best possible witness they can be,” said Petry.  It appears the police are hard up on evidence at the moment, as Petry went on to say that “All of those details will help the police in solving your case.”

The denominations are believed to be in $20, $50, and $100 bills.

Have you had any experiences with fake money before?  It would be cool to see what these bills actually looked like.  Probably nothing like the Monopoly money we are used to using in the board game.

But a couple other questions arise as well.  Namely, what will happen when they find all the money?  They won’t be able to go back and find the people who used it and demand an actual payment.

This incident unveils a troubling fact about our currency.  It can easily be duplicated well enough to fool the average shop owner.  They will take the money to the bank and only then realize it’s fake.  By that point it could have been weeks ago that the crook used fake money at their store.  This person pushing Hollywood money in El Paso is probably saving so much money!