People Are Clamoring Over The Hidden Message In James Comey’s Christmas Photo

Updated January 8, 2018

James Comey tweeted a photo of his Christmas tree that has got a lot of people speculating.  Comey has been out of the public eye for a few months now as he plans the next chapter of his career, but clearly, he has been doing plenty of research and scheming during his downtime.  The Twitter message he made is a testament to the scheming mind that he has.

The message itself is quite straightforward:

“Our tree is ready.  May we all get and give a little more kindness this Christmas” reads the tweet.  “No matter what you believe or think, I wish you peace” concludes Comey.

The former FBI director posted a simple image of him doing some reading in front of his Christmas tree.  Nothing to be alarmed at, right?  Just a middle-aged guy doing some reading by a Christmas tree in his New Balance shoes.  Maybe he was about to go eat some turkey before heading off to midnight mass with his family.  The kind of stuff all regular Americans think of doing on Christmas.

Not so fast – with Comey, there is always an ulterior motive.  Take note of the cup, for example.  This is a perfect example of a strategically placed item in an otherwise mundane photo that sends a cryptic message out to the world.  It’s on us to try and determine what that message is.

Maybe he wants to remind people of his previous role? Or maybe it’s a sign of things to come in 2018.  Comey returning to the FBI in 2018 would be a huge shock to a lot of people since Trump fired him earlier this year.  So it just opens up so many questions for us to speculate on, especially considering Comey is likely to start a new job in early 2018.  We just don’t know what that job will be.

Twitter was on fire with speculation about the strategically placed mug, and what it might mean.  People were leaving comments of all sorts, ranging from support for the placement of the mug to theories about why it was left there.  Many people also praised Comey for his adept use of social media to present himself and a message.  People love to work out puzzles, and Comey gave us a good one here.

Comey has been out of a job since being fired as FBI director by President Trump early in his presidency.

He left in the wake of FBI investigations into Russian collusion in the presidential election of 2016.  Trump says he fired Comey because he lost trust in Comey to do a proper job, which, under these circumstances, means Trump did not want Comey to find any dirt on Trump.

Many people feel Comey was unfairly let-go by a president who did not want to let the truth get out.

Comey’s replacement is Robert Mueller.  Mueller has ramped up a pretty thorough investigation into Trump’s relationship with Putin during his campaign and probably found just as many issues as Comey would have.  So Trumps attempt to ease the waters has backfired, and it all started with the firing of James Comey.