Owner Couldn’t Teach Puppy To Sit, Turns To Mama Dog For Help [video]

Updated January 9, 2018

Parents have plenty of life experience to pass on to their offspring, especially in the animal world. Check out this dog giving her puppy a little help when it comes to some obedience training. The Bichon Frise mom, Millie, lovingly helps out her little one, nine-week-old Daisy, by assisting her with how to sit and earn a treat. Mom knows best, after all.

Daisy is told to sit repeatedly but she doesn’t catch on. Amazingly, Millie presses on Daisy’s bottom with her paw to get her to sit and earn her reward. Smart doggie!

The little pup was reportedly returned to the breeders by her new owner because they said she was “too thick” to be trained.

According to the AKC.com site, the training and temperament information about the breed states:

“Bichons love to show off, and they respond well to positive training but not harsh tactics. The Bichon is a naturally gentle, playful dog. Attending an obedience class will benefit both pet and owner. He loves activity and requires regular exercise. Highly intelligent and trainable, Bichons delight in entertaining their owners. Bichons also love to run – and they are fast! Your first ‘Bichon blitz’ will amaze you. If you have a yard, make sure it’s securely fenced and work hard on teaching your dog to listen and come when called.”

With that information in mind, it’s clear that Millie was gently guiding her baby to learn the sit command. It’s also interesting that they are “highly intelligent and trainable,” which the new owners obviously didn’t give enough time to find out and wrote the puppy off as “too thick” to learn any commands.

One commenter on the Daily Mail coverage of the video agreed, writing:

“returned because she was too thick to train, the little pup is a few weeks old, maybe those stupid people need to be trained in how to train a pup.”

Another commenter shared their own experience with the breed, noting:

“I have a Bichon Frise and she’s 10 and half years old yet behaves like a very young dog, very playful and she’s very intelligent. She gives me a high five when I ask her for a high five. She twirls when she knows she’s getting a treat. She also sits when I say sit for a treat. She’s very easy going and lovable.”

Another commenter added: “I had a bichon for 14 wonderful years. Their temperament is wonderful and they are adorable. Miss him so much.”

Still another person added this vote for adopting rescue dogs, writing:

“I just rescued a 5-year-old Bichon from a puppy mill run by the Amish in Ohio. She had been crated her entire life and never even knew what grass was! I’ve had this sweet girl for 4 months now and have had to teach her everything about being a real dog. She’s doing well because my other dog (an 11 yr old) is being a fantastically patient teacher. But, Please don’t buy these dogs when you can search for them from rescues or find them at shelters and save lives. My sweet girl Louisa thanks you as do all of the other rescue dogs… please adopt!”