Only Those With A Creative Mind Can Spot The Doberman In Photo. Look Closely

Updated November 29, 2017

Whether the weather is beautiful or dreary, dogs usually love to get outside and explore a world of smells humans can only dream of. And no place is as fun for a dog to go than the forest or the park. And when the weather is wonderful out, dog owners go out in droves to stroll among the trees and give their canines the gift of lots of good smells. Dogs love it. They get some exercise, and the owners get to see their best friends having some fun.

When dogs get off the leash, they love to run around and have fun. They’ll jump around the tall grass and sprint through everything smelling when their noses urge them to.

Some dogs enjoy hiding from their owners.

Although we’ve shared a lot of stories about snakes and other reptiles using their natural camouflage to hide in plain sight, we also share videos and images of mammals sometimes too. And in this instance, you’ll see the moment when a Doberman got lost within the dried ferns in the woods.

The huge black and brown dog has somehow disappeared from the owner’s sight. And they are surprised they have lost the dog.

But after searching the field and wooded area for the pooch, owner Karen Fornos Klein, snapped a picture of her Doberman, Ambar, out in the roughage. She later looked at the photo and shared it with the Facebook group called Surrey Dog Owners. That’s when she realized it was nearly impossible to spot the large dog.

And when she asked people in the group to point out Ambar, they had a very difficult time doing it. And so did all us at AWM. Only our avid hunter was able to use his practice skill of seeing camouflaged bucks to spot the hidden Doberman.

Can you see the black and brown Ambar among the ferns?

Look closely, and you should be able to spot the dog. But if you don’t you’ll need a helping hand. First, we’ll tell you a little bit about the Surrey Dog Owners Facebook group which helps people talk about their pups and connects them with local rescues. “There are a lot of dogs put to sleep due to space already, and that’s the main reason why we are going to be focusing only on the dogs from this country.” It makes sense that this group helps connect dog lovers with rescue animals they could take home the same day.

Ambar is very hard to see in the image. That’s because he is mostly covered the with dried brown ferns.

The dog is in the bottom left-hand quadrant. Since he is blocked by the foliage, you’ll need to look for the outline of his head. And you’ll be able to see his black ears popping through the image.

Only those who have superb vision and the ability to see animals through camouflage will be able to see Ambar the Doberman in this picture. Even if you didn’t see him, challenge your friends and see if they are able to spot the hiding dog!