Off-Duty Cop Jumps Out Of His Seat And Everyone Ignored Him, Except One Patron (video)

Updated January 5, 2018

Sometimes we do not have time to assess the pros and cons of a situation. Expediency may dictate that we need to act immediately. In moments like that, our true selves rise to the surface, and we prove to the world whether we are the kind of person who fights, flees or freezes. While many people in the modern age could care less about their neighbors, there are still the Good Samaritans among us who roam the streets in regular clothing.

You might not be able to identify these people by how they look, but when the moment arises, they’re the ones who leap to action and do the right thing.

On December 16, an incident occurred at a small diner in Staten Island in New York City. When a New York City police officer rose up from his seat, everyone ignored him. Everyone that is except for one Good Samaritan who wanted to prove that he cared about his fellow man and police officers in general.

When the guy realized that the police officer was choking on his breakfast, he leaped into action. Without stopping to think, he came up behind the officer and started performing the Heimlich maneuver. And he may just have saved the officer’s life.

Surveillance footage shows just how things went down. As the officer started choking, he rose from his seat and hurried toward the bathroom door. He paused and began signaling to the other patrons that he was choking and could no longer breath.

When someone is choking, they cannot produce any sounds such as speech. They cannot cough as that would indicate their airway is open. Instead, they may lift their hands to their throat to indicate that they’re choking. They need to use gestures and facial expressions as they cannot talk if they’re choking.

Customer Rob Allegre, 37, saw what was happening. He sprang into action and started performing the Heimlich maneuver on the choking NYPD officer.

He saved the man’s life.

Although the police officer was forever in Allegre’s debt, he did not want his name released to the press and asked to stay anonymous.

But the community is now hailing Allegre as a hero. But he still can’t believe that he jumped into action like that when the moment demanded it. He shocked himself.

“I was seeing a police officer like hunched over like this with saliva coming out of his mouth. And I said, ‘Are you OK?’ and he started to pat his back like this, so I figured he was choking.”

The hero added:

“I just started performing the Heimlich maneuver. I gave him like three plunges to his stomach, and I helped him out, and he started breathing again.”

Meanwhile, the police officer’s partner was standing by patting him on the back as he choked.

After Allegre saved the cop’s life, he continued to the bathroom.

“He went to the bathroom and cleaned up, and he came back and thanked me and everything like that, and it felt really good helping him out,” Allegre said.

And after the other diners watched Allegre jump to action and save a cop, they pitched in to pay for his breakfast.