No Outsiders Have Been Allowed In This Castle, Two Lucky Guys Were Granted Access [video]

Updated January 3, 2017

The guys on American Pickers have stacked their careers on finding the coolest things in the weirdest spots. Whether they’re frequenting barns, old farm houses, and warehouses, the professional antique and junk collectors on the History Channel show have a knack for finding value in the strangest places.

But in the following clip from the show, Mike and Frank find themselves in uncharted territory. When they pull into the driveway, they quickly realize that this is no ordinary location – they are about to go picking inside a bona fide stone castle!

Check out the video below to get a glimpse of what they found hidden in the castle’s nooks and crannies…

Before we show you what was inside, you should learn more about this amazing place. It’s called Wings Castle and is an American marvel.

The amazing place is located a little more than an hour north of New York City. It was designed by artists Peter and Toni Ann Wing and built adjacent to the dairy farm on which Wing was raised.

The story starts after Peter returned from the Vietnam War in 1969. He proposed to Toni in 1970 and after tying the knot, they began their long love affair with the castle. But 40 years later, the stone castle is still under construction. And as Toni says, “it has become a life in art project.”

According to a website dedicated to the Wing Castle, “Along with a love affair of castles came a love of anything old, come for a visit and be memorized by the museum of antique memorabilia and collectibles, everything from military to primitive trinkets.”

But when the American Pickers guys drive up, they’re blown away by the “amazing castle.” They first notice it’s built with both brick and stone. But when they step inside, their excitement is taken to a whole new level.

“It looks like we’re stepping back into medieval times.”

But inside the place, the castle is loaded with items bought at auction across upstate New York.

“This place is unbelievable. I mean it’s got a ship built into the top of the ceiling. There’s a lot of military stuff all over the place. I mean it’s just packed.”

The Pickers are given free reign to examine everything in the castle. And if they want it, they might have the opportunity to purchase it. You can see what they get at the end of the 2-minute clip below.

You have to read some comments fans like you wrote on Facebook:

“Mike and Frank tell people items are worth more than they ask sometimes thousand more. I would love to have their jobs searching for treasures!”

“Pete was a “genius” and Toni Anne is just charming. Good people, fond memories and a fantastic place to visit.”

Tara Wing, the artistic couple’s daughter shared this: “They were very fair with mom, was good advertising for bed and breakfast and tours. Dad always wanted guys to come to house…it’s a shame he couldn’t have been there”

Check out the clip to see what the Pickers take with them.

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