Moment Train Barrels Toward Giant Snowbank Captured On Video, Instantly Goes Viral

Updated January 17, 2018

Those suffering in cold winter climates might be sick of freezing temperatures and snowfall, but this video may just brighten their day a bit.

It involves a large snowbank and a train. More specifically, a train barreling towards a giant pile of snow on the tracks. What will happen? You can probably guess the outcome, but it’s definitely a sight to see!

Trains, it appears, stop for nothing. So while those in the colder parts of the world are shoveling snow just to get their car out of their driveway, this is how a train handles the situation.

Three blizzards hit this area, with snowfall several feet deep, and the train tracks were no longer visible. That’s no concern for Canadian National Railway locomotive No. 2304, as the mighty train easily crashed right on through.

Before the moment when the train hits the pile of snow, however, it’s cool to just see how it plows ahead on the snow-covered tracks as snow is cast to the side.

A man in Salisbury, New Brunswick captured the train easily cutting through the wall of snow – never which never slowed down or put on the brake to assess the situation. The snow hits the man’s windshield and, for a moment, there’s no visibility.

Many people viewed the video and commented, with one person changing this holiday classic’s lyrics to fit the scene: “Dashing through the snow, on CN train 406. Over the tracks we go, sanding all the way. Bell on the locomotives ring, making people stop. Oh what fun it is to drive a train on CN tracks tonight hey!”

One person gave this insight into how this would be handled in his country, writing: “In Germany, we have some of the most advanced trains and rail system in the world, with all kinds of high tech stuff. We got bullet trains reaching up to over 200mph. We got one of the best safety records (just like Canada) for rail vehicles. Yet, in Germany trains are running late because of a tiny bit of snow or ice. If there was as much snow on rails just like in this video, absolutely NO train would run at all. Good job Canadians. Snow ain’t no barrier.”

Another commenter wondered: “That was fab and rad. How deep was the snow? You weren’t too close to the tracks, but you ended up too close to the snow !!!”

The person who filmed the video responded that there was “about two feet of snow!” that the train blasted through.

One commenter pointed out how powerful trains are, explaining: “This just shows the huge inertia and great power of a train! If that train crash against a Terminal Station in a city, I think it would crash into two or three more buildings before stopping. The locomotive looks like if it’s grinning…Just imagine what would medieval people think at the crossing looking at that ‘monster’ coming with the horn at 0:55…. scary.”

Other commenters wondered what it would be like from inside the train, blasting through the snow… one would imagine you wouldn’t have any visibility for some time.