Mom Notices Her Breastmilk Starts Turning A Darker Color, Realizes What Her Body Is Doing

Updated October 30, 2017

For years, scientists and medical professionals have applauded the benefits of breastfeeding. The skin-to-skin contact helps build a bond between mom and baby. Breastfeeding can also help mom bounce back from pregnancy and balance out the baby blues. But not only does it help establish a strong relationship, it is also packed with vital nutrients. Breast milk has also been shown to aid in the baby’s immune support.

One mom, Ashlee Chase, was worried when her baby started developing a fever. But in response, her body started producing breast milk that was no longer white. Instead, it turned yellow. This was because her body managed to produce breast milk loaded with nutrients to help the baby fight the sickness.

According to the baby’s pediatrician, mom’s body could tell that the baby had a fever. In response, mom’s body began to produce milk with “more fat and antibodies” to help the infant fight the fever. That’s why the breast milk turned yellow because it was loaded with these added benefits.

Because Ashlee Chase gets asked all the time why she still nurses her 7-month-old, she points to this nearly magical effect as “100% why.”

It is amazing how versatile the human body can be.

Ashlee turned to social media to post about the wonders of breast milk. She wrote:

“‘Why do you still let your 7month old nurse she’s too old” “she’s just using you as a pacifier” “you need to put her in her own bed” 100% why. Top milk was from 3 days ago when a healthy Elliot was nursing. The bottom is from today, after sick Elliot with a fever comfort nursed all night. This. The human body is beautiful.”

After sharing the images of her breast milk before and after her baby developed a fever, mom got about 6,000 likes and more than 7,500 shares. Thousands have commented on her post expressing their fascination with the workings of the human body.

“It’s amazing what mums’ bodies do to help our babies,” one person wrote.

“This is blowing my mind, you knew this?”

Another amazed viewer added, “The human body is beautiful.”

Because breast milk is loaded with benefits for baby, some people used this example to argue why moms should be allowed to breastfeed as long as they want.

“I breastfed my first for 3 years and my second is 14 months still breastfeeding and will keep going! You go girl!!!”

Another fan of breastfeeding said: “I nursed till I couldn’t any more my oldest nurser baby was 23 months when she quit… some one couldn’t nurse some I did for a few months some longer…. too many people make stupid comments about what’s best for other people’s kids… you’re the mom you know what’s best for your kids.”

“To those that are against breastfeeding, why do all normal animals breastfeed their baby and don’t just feed them something. There’s a reason why women can breastfeed, why women have a higher immunity than men, it’s to nurse a strong and healthy baby.”

What do you think about the wonders of breastfeeding?