Mom Is Confused Why She Got A Cheap Mirror For Christmas. Then She Looks In It; Breaks Down

Updated January 2, 2018

The holiday season is best spent with family and those whom we love. But for military families, sometimes they are reminded about something that other families take for granted. Not every holiday can be spent together when duty calls. And because members of the military are volunteering to serve in us all in the name of freedom and democracy, they cannot always decide if they’ll be home in time for the holiday.

But one woman in the Navy decided to surprise her mother by coming home for the holidays early. And after a lot of planning, she figured out that she could hide behind a full-length mirror and jump out at her mother just in time for Christmas. And as you watch the video of the heartwarming moment below, you’ll see this Navy servicewoman giving her mother the ultimate Christmas gift.

The video was shared on the Navy woman’s Twitter account along with the following caption:

“Surprised my mom for Christmas, she looked in the mirror and saw her present.”

The Navy servicewoman tweeted the video via her Twitter handle @Cheeyannah on Sunday night.

When the Navy mom realizes that her daughter is safely back home in time for Christmas, she cannot contain her emotion. She runs around and hugs the brave young woman and screams in glee at having her back home.

The video has been liked more than 400,000 times and has been retweeted hundreds of thousands of times.

The homecoming was executed perfectly.

Mom is sitting on the sofa opening her gift. The woman in front of her hands her the full-length mirror wrapped in red wrapping paper. As she gives over the present, the woman tells the California mom: “I just want to make it really special for you, so I want you to…”

But she is unable to finish because she chokes up as she holds back the tears.

Mom has no idea what is coming. She tears off the wrapping paper and finds the mirror. As she gazes into it, a smile comes into her eyes when she sees her daughter standing behind the couch in the mirror’s reflection. She is shocked to see the Navy servicewoman home in time for Christmas.

Mom screams in glee and then runs around the couch to wrap her arms around her beloved daughter. She cannot stop shrieking and sobbing as she hugs the brave warrior.

After a few moments, the clip ends with mom and daughter still embracing for Christmas.

A Daily Mail reader from Rockville shared his homecoming story in the comments:

“I surprised my sister one time for Christmas. She opened the front door and screamed so loud you would have thought she was being attacked. Everyone else didn’t even look up from their phones to see why she was screaming.”

A California reader wrote, “God bless our troops! And God bless America. We treat our troops with so much respect these days. When I first joined up, we were spit upon and made a point to not travel in uniform. I am so proud the way we as a nation have come around and treat our service people with so much respect. They deserve it.”

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