Mom Is Angry When Daughter Comes Home From School And Tells Her A Teacher Pierced Her Ears

Updated January 13, 2018

A Pennsylvania mom has taken to social media to claim her daughter’s teacher re-pierced her ears.  As though teachers were not already getting enough slack for their inability to keep classrooms under control and provide a solid education to America’s next generation.  All it takes is stories like this to deepen the mistrust that American people have in the educational system.

The mother, a young woman named Amanda, claimed her 7-year old daughter had pierced ears when she was 3 but had not worn earrings for more than a week before letting them close up again.  Apparently, she would wear clip-ons occasionally, but most went without earrings – especially at school.

That’s why Amanda was so surprised when her daughter, who goes to school in New York City, came home with bruises on her lobes and freshly pierced ears.

Initially, her daughter was unwilling to go into detail about the piercings.  After a prolonged period of questioning by Amanda, she finally got her daughter to tell her the truth: her teacher had initiated the ear piercing and actually gone through with it despite her daughter saying it hurt!

This is a clear violation of the laws governing the school board.  Teachers are not allowed to do anything to the children they teach without getting consent from the parents, which doubles as consent for the kids.  If you are a teacher and want to take your class on a field trip, you have to get the school to confirm it’s okay and then have all the kids’ parents sign an insurance form to confirm it’s okay.  This process usually takes a couple of weeks to organize (at minimum) and requires lots of planning and waiting.

The point is: as a teacher you cannot do anything to or with the kids you teach before contacting their parents.

In this case, the teacher was acting totally outside of their purview in piercing a child’s ear.  Were they doing it to show off to other students? Did they use excessive force? Why did they not ask the parents if it was okay beforehand?

These are all questions that we will probably never get the answer to.  Suffice to say it leaves parents worrying about the state of their childrens education when they cannot even trust the teachers to be responsible.

There was a time when teachers were ideal role models for the kids they taught.  They would always arrive on time, never swear around kids, and always acted with kindness and decency.  Teachers were basically held to a higher standard then they are now, and children are the ones having to deal with the impact of this shift in standards.

The problem is it’s unclear what positive direction to take.  What does the future hold?  It’s uncertain because there is no way of knowing what the next generation will be like.  All that can be said is that parents need to be excellent role models in every way for their kids.  Kids should be able to look up and mimic the best attributes that human beings have to offer: decency, understanding, respect for personal space – these are all attributes that appear to be losing ground.