Man’s Attempt To Park Has The Internet in Stitches, Being Called “Worst Driver” Ever (video)

Updated January 9, 2018

For some, parallel parking isn’t the easiest task in the world. It can be downright frustrating when you are trying to squeeze into the only available space in reverse and unless you live in a bustling city, the chances of you having to parallel park are quite rare. So, some may think that it is even pointless to learn the dreaded technique.

And according to the video below, other just want to do it even if they don’t have to.

In the video below, you can witness a German driver trying to parallel park 13 times before he decides to give up and drive away. So, that sounds like a fairly normal situation to those who have been faced with trying to squeeze into a tight spot, but here’s the thing…there was absolutely no need for this guy to parallel park, considering there was no vehicle parked behind him.

For whatever reason, the guy can be seen reversing behind a car and trying to twist and turn his own car just so, to fit in front of an alleged “invisible vehicle.”

Does he see something that we don’t see?

There is actually room for an entire bus to squeeze into the space, but the driver of this hatchback is attempting to parallel park as if he has a majorly tight squeeze and little room to maneuver. The video even shows him getting out of his small car to assess the situation. He sizes up the very large space but appears to be discontent with the amount of space between his vehicle and the one behind his vehicle.

He then gets back into the car, pulls up and reverses a few more times before pulling out and trying to parallel park all over again, turning the wheel hastily as if he is trying to squeeze into a very very small space.

In the meantime, other vehicles are passing by and they nearly hit the hatchback as it incessantly pulls out into the street and backs into the spot. Bikes whiz by him and come close to hitting his quick forward and backward motion. At one point he almost reverses into a man walking on the sidewalk.

After what feels like a very long three minute, the guy finally gives up and drives away.

Commenters feel that if this guy is the real deal and had such trouble parking in a spacey spot, then he probably shouldn’t be allowed to drive…

“Boy, I hope that was staged for our benefit. Otherwise, that guy should not be behind the wheel.”

“Oh dear if you can¿t move your car into reverse & Park it in that space then you should definitely not be on the road!”

Others even accused him of being on a mind-altering substance…

“He had it parked OK so why go back out onto the road again? His behavior was not normal and I’m guessing he’s on something.”

And some questioned why he didn’t do the obvious thing and drive in forward to the spot. Whatever the reasoning for his bizarre parking, it made for a good laugh and was viewed and shared several times.