Man Places Unique Looking Christmas Tree On His Lawn, Photo Goes Viral. Take A Close Look

Updated January 5, 2018

Do you remember the old Scrooge story?  It’s a Christmas narrative that’s all about opening your heart and finding ways to give.  As the story goes, and old bitter businessman refuses to give holiday bonuses to his hardworking staff.  In his dreams, he is visited by ghosts who help him realize that his mean ways are harming people – and this realization makes him a generous and kind old man!

Well, an elderly man in Pennsylvania has taken the positive lesson of the Scrooge story to heart this year.  One of his friends actually shared his story on Reddit, and this is an encouraging sign.  Maybe we can all take inspiration from this old man and copy his example in our own community!

Each year the old man puts a Christmas outside of his home.  However, he does not adorn it with tassels, bells, lights, or traditional ornaments of any sort.  Instead, he hangs bags full of essential items that the less fortunate are always in need of during the cold months of winter.  Things like socks, shoes, personal hygiene, snacks and so much more are packed into separate bangs.

The tree is totally packed with plastic bags hanging low because they are so full of items the old man had to give.  Maybe he went down to the second-hand store and purchased a whole bunch of clothing – how else would he get so many pairs of shoes that he does not need?

The best part about it all is that he just asks people who are in need to come by his place and pick up whatever they may need – no strings attached.

It might surprise some of you Scrooge types to know that no one steals the items just because they can.  People understand the good-will behind the tree and respect the desire of the old man with a big heart!  This kind of gesture is so important in the colder months of the year, when the homeless and less fortunate may find themselves stuck sleeping outside.

People are even taking to social media to share their love for the idea and the inspiration it gives them this Christmas.

These kind of selfless acts are what people love to see during Christmas.  It’s clear the old man gets a warm heart by sharing what he can with those in need.  It really personifies the Christmas spirit and gives us a warm feeling in the heart.

Perhaps his actions will inspire you to make a small difference in your community.  There are donation boxes for clothing to contribute to, soup kitchens with daily dinners where you could help serve food to the homeless, or maybe you could just donate to a charity that you know does good work.  Anything to share the gift of happiness and love is worth so much more than you might think!

Do you love this tradition too?  Share this story and spread the wonderful word of the old man with a Christmas tree of goodies for the homeless.