Man Flees Scene Of Accident He Caused, Police Find Him Frozen To Death Later That NIght

Updated February 2, 2018

In what police are calling a hit-and-run, a 34-year-old man froze to death on New Year’s Eve after he escaped the scene of an accident the night before. Milwaukee resident, Mark Henderson, allegedly ran through a red light and caused a four-car accident. He then fled by foot and was found the following afternoon between a fence and a shed in the neighborhood where his girlfriend lived. Henderson, who was wearing just a pair of jeans, shoes and a tank top in the frigid temperatures, was frozen to death when he was found.

Milwaukee County Medical Examiner, Jeanne Wiedmeyer responded to the scene and shared that the body was frozen solid, but there was no apparent trauma to his body. Evidently, he abandoned the car and a passerby happened to know that the vehicle belonged to Henderson’s girlfriend.

A missing person’s report was then filed, when his girlfriend, Yulanda Paige confirmed that he had been driving her vehicle that evening. Paige arrived at the scene of the accident and helped officers canvas the area for his body. It wasn’t until the next day that Paige discovered his jacket in the driveway of a home nearby. She then asked the homeowner if she could search for Henderson in the backyard and that is where they saw footprints in the snow leading to the shed where his body was found.

It turned out that Henderson didn’t get too far, as the yard where he was found was on the same street where the crash was. On top of all of this, there were articles of clothing found in the yard he escaped to, which made the investigators think that he may have been trying to disguise himself while he ran from the accident. And this all adds up considering, Henderson had an extensive criminal history and this wasn’t his first hit and run. In 2012, he fled the scene of a fatal accident and at the time of his recent death, he was on parole for that felony conviction.

The other victims in the accident that Henderson was responsible for, sustained injuries that were not life-threatening.

This isn’t the first time that someone has died recently due to the frigid temperatures in Milwaukee. A 51-year-old man was recently found dead partially nude in the back of a van.

Some would say that this incident is the result of karma doing its work, considering Henderson fled the scene of another recent accident that ended tragically for innocent victims. And others are saying that it was a brutal death sentence that was due and will prevent him from hurting others.

One commenter felt that Henderson’s death was a win-win for everyone…

“I commend him for saving the taxpayers money and preventing himself from harming anyone else in the future. The even better news for him is for those who believe, he won’t have to worry about cold weather anymore either.”

And others questioned what Henderson thought his girlfriend was going to say to the authorities after he wrecked her car…

“He thought his girlfriend was going to lie for him? After wrecking her car? Please tell me he had no kids.”