Little Girl’s Reaction To Shooting Her First Deer Goes Viral, Has Animal Activists Furious

Updated January 22, 2018

In the YouTube video below, you’re going to see what can happen when you teach children how to use guns at a young age. Although this little princess is only seven-years-old, she is out hunting deer with a gun that looks to be about twice her size. And now that the video has gone viral because her reaction to killing the animal was utterly priceless, this little girl is the talk of Facebook. And the clip has been gotten more than 2.5 million hits on various video platforms.

The little girl in the video is Lilly Klapper, and she lives in North Texas. While out hunting for whitetail with her father and brother, Lilly was ready to take her first shot at a living animal. Her family trained her well during the last two years. She has done a lot of target practice and has been mentally preparing for the hunt.

But nothing could have prepared her for the THRILL of making a direct hit and taking down the deer.

The girl’s father, Cory Klapper, is a dedicated hunter. And he was the one to get the monumental moment on video.

Although the hunt happened back on November 28, Klapper finally got the footage onto Facebook only this Tuesday. And before he knew what was happening, his beloved daughter, Lilly, had become a viral sensation and the talk of the internet.

“We have a passion for the outdoors, and it was primarily intended to be for family and friends,” Klapper told FOX 4. “But now…I hope that it inspires other parents to get their children into the outdoors.”

Lilly is manning an AR-style rifle “chambered in 300 blackouts” bullets, her dad said. She is completely focused on killing the whitetail.

“Shoot the big one in the middle if you can,” her dad encourages the young girl. She listens to his advice and aims. Then she prepares to pull the trigger.

It takes two minutes before the shot presents itself, but when it does, she pulls the trigger, and everyone erupts into celebration.

“You got it, baby! You got it!” her father cheers.

The excitement takes a while to make sense to her. But when she realizes that she’s killed her first deer, her mouth hangs open and turns into a big smile.

People around the country shared their support to the hunting family.

“This is amazing!! That’s a dad teaching some life skills right there!” wrote one Facebook user.

“SUCH A GREAT DAD!!!! I have never hunted and hated seeing the animals in Africa hunted and all that, but this is so awesome what you did with your daughter,” another added. “You can see how proud she is of herself!!! She is so focused and patient!! GO DAD!!!!”

One admirer added, “We have become a nation of powder puffs. Thank God for Dads like you. Am teaching my grandson to shoot. Kids need this, as it teaches responsible behavior.”

And as a great hunter once said:

“A family that hunts together stays together.”

What’s your reaction to the footage?