Little Girl Has The Best Reaction To Finding Out Her Daddy Is Home From Work (video)

Updated January 11, 2018

Most young children have a strong bond with their parents. And if one parent or both have to go to work, there are few things in the world as heartwarming as watching the little one’s face light up when they get to see their parent again. And while this is a typical occurrence for children whose parents work, one video is lighting up the internet because the toddler’s reaction to her father’s return home is utterly adorable.

As soon as the little girl hears her father’s voice, she sprints over to him and leaps into his arms.

Dad is overjoyed to see his daughter react with such glee and pride at his homecoming. And he is even more overjoyed that mom happened to be filming while the toddler leaped to action.

A father’s bond is very important in the wellbeing of a baby’s life. When fathers make an effort to bond with their newborn, it has a lasting impact for the life of the little one, confirms a study published in the Journal of Obstetric, Gynecologic, & Neonatal Nursing.

Mothers have the benefit of feeling the impact of parenthood during pregnancy. Fathers need to wait until birth. And at that time, newborns only want their mothers. It can be a challenge for dad to bond with his little one, but if he puts in the effort, the effects are both strengthening for the relationship and for the baby’s development.

Fathers who bond with their babies shortly after birth create a life-long bond that is good for everyone. Bonding occurs when dad holds the baby, sings to it, and being there to participate in the baby’s daily life. Reading to an infant is also a great way for dad to build something special with the child, while also educating the little one.

In the past, dads used to be less involved. They would not participate in the care of the children. But this has been shown to have a negative impact on the child’s development. Putting some more effort into raising a child can go a long way to fostering a happy home and an excellent place for a child to grow up.

The clip included below is only about 25 seconds long. But it shows the strong bond dad and his baby have developed over their weeks and months together. Viewers like you have shared comments. The following are some of the highest rated ones.

“So adorable!! This is the 1st video where baby actually welcomed daddy. Thank you for sharing.”

“Precious moment: daddy’s home and a little baby so cute!”

“Men say ‘I want a son,’ but in reality, they connect well with the daughters.”

“I love her little bowlegged, baby stagger, absolutely adorable!”

“I’m stuck in the part of YouTube with babies and their daddy’s. It’s so adorable!”

One viewer reminded us why it is important for fathers to bond with their little ones.

“Makes me cry to see such a loving man. That is my hope for my children one day to light up and smile when their daddy comes home. An experience I never had.”

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