Just Days After Florida Man Flies American Flag Outside Home, Neighbors Send Violent Threats

Updated January 10, 2018

Some things just really get on people’s nerves.  For most of us, it is things in life that people do that are the cause.  Maybe it annoys you when people don’t push the chair in after eating, or that some men never leave the toilet seat down after using the bathroom.  These are mostly private concerns that rarely make themselves known in public.  It’s not like someone will go around pushing all the chairs in at a restaurant just because it pisses them off to see the chairs like that.

A recent incident in Florida highlighted the fact that sometimes it’s the serious issues in the public domain that really get people going.  A lone resident of Florida – a man named Steve Horner – was simply wanting to show his patriotism by flying the American flag on his yard in Lecanto, Florida, reports WTVT-TV.

It appears Steve did not check with his neighbours first.  A couple days after putting the flag up he received a notice from his neighbours that flying such a flag was not okay with them.

Here is how it went down:

The neighbour texted Steve’s wife and asked what the deal was with the flag.  Their neighbour, 50-year old Lucille Blanchard, apparently got quite confrontational when Steve and his wife did nothing about the flag.

“We were just minding our own business” Steve Horner told the local station.  He went on to say that Blanchard actually could not believe the flag was still up and even said to him: “take the God**am flag down just for one day.”

Steve simply responded to his angry neighbour that it was his flag, he was an American, and he had always flown it on his property.  So no, he would not take the flag down.

Christmas Day Debacle

Things came to a head right on the most peaceful day of the year – Christmas Day.

Horner said that Blanchard came onto his property and actually pulled the flag down from it’s post.  Horner told Blanchard very clearly at that point that if she did it again he would call the cops.

Then Blanchard retaliated.

“I was holding onto it” said Horner “and she was pulling my shirt, and I just turned loose of the flag and just let her take it.”

The next thing he did was call the police.  Local law enforcement came a short while after and arrested Ms. Blanchard.  The Citrus County Chronicle reported that Blanchard was accused of pushing Horner and stealing his flag.

She was charged with a felony battery on someone over 65 and misdemeanour petty theft.  Her bond was set at $2,500.

So why did Blanchard want the flag to be taken down so badly?

According to Horner, it was because both her son and grandfather had died, presumably fighting overseas.  This was clearly of no concern to Horner, who said quite clearly after the incident that her personal life had nothing to do with his legal right to fly the flag of his country on his own land.

It is the price of war that we must pay to see neighbours get into disagreements about the virtue of the American dream.