He Wanted A Perfect Smile, Orders $15 Product Online. What Arrives Leaves Internet In Stitches

Updated January 12, 2018

A student named Ben Watson was on a mission. He wanted to have a perfect smile. But he didn’t want to spend much money. So the resourceful student found a website that was selling a set of veneers online for next to nothing. Without hesitation, Watson forked over his $55 along with a mold of his own teeth.

Then he needed to be patient. The online company was busy producing their “amazing” product. But Watson could hardly stand waiting for his new set of teeth to arrive in the mail.

When the fake teeth were shipped to his home, he burst into tears when he tried them on. Not sad-tears, but tears from laughing so hard.

The advertisement had been as follows:

“Get a million dollar smile for only $14.99! The amazing removable veneer that gives you the look of perfect teeth you’ll be proud to smile about. Now you can get your confidence back and put your best face forward.”

The website shared before and after pictures and told Ben that he never had to be embarrassed again. They were lying.

Watson could not believe that his “investment” in his smile turned out to be nothing more than a luxury set of comedy teeth.

The student lives in Halifax, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom. And because he was brought to the point of embarrassment from his new set of teeth, he decided to share videos and photos of his fail online.

The clip of Watson struggling to keep his fake teeth in place quickly went viral after his friend Mollie Cooper uploaded it online.

His fake teeth have delivered on some of the results he was hoping for. He has become a minor celebrity in his hometown, and people are stopping him on the street to take a photo with him and his horrible teeth.

In an interview with Mirror, Ben Watson said, “They were advertised as the ‘perfect smile’. They took an impression of my teeth, and I sent it back. £42 pounds later they sent me the teeth. My partner called me saying they had come. I told him to open the package and see what they’re like and he just burst into hysterics and told me to wait and see them when I get back.”

When Watson saw the teeth, he could not stop laughing.

“I actually burst into tears and not just in a laughter way but more for the decrease in my bank balance. I FaceTimed my mate Mollie, and she posted a photo of it on Twitter and the whole thing just blew up. Even when I’ve been going out in Halifax people have been stopping me asking for photographs of my teeth. They have now become more of a comedy effect, and everyone in my local town of Halifax now knows me for the teeth. That’s the last time I buy anything online again. They’re ugly and disgusting but hilarious.”

While he was ripped off from the online retailer, Watson managed to stay optimistic and find one thing the teeth would be perfect for.

“The only thing they’re ‘perfect’ for is stand-up comedy.”