Hairless Creature That’s Rescued From Certain Death Has Finally Been Identified

Updated January 19, 2018

Animal rescue workers in California received an unusual call near the end of December 2017. In a dumpster, bystanders found a very weird-looking animal. And when they arrived at the scene to help it out, they found that it was a female bear cub that was utterly hairless after losing it all. Now that the cub, who has since been named Eve, is under the care of the Bear League rescue group, which is in Homewood, California, she is getting the care she needs to get her health back on track.

The rescue group said that female cub lost her hair because of a bad case of mange. And when she was taken in, she was rushed to emergency care for an entire week. And at the end of it, they saved her life. But if she hadn’t been taken to the Bear League rescue group, she might not have made it.

“We’ve seen this condition before, it seems to result from the cub’s mother being killed early in the season and then the very small young one tries desperately to make it on their own but goes hungry most of the time,” the Bear League said in a Facebook post. “Their immune system is therefore terribly compromised, and they succumb to mange and stunted growth.”

After Bear League helped get the bear out of the emergency state, volunteers with California Department of Fish and Wildlife arrived to transport the hairless bear cub to The Fund for Animals Wildlife Center in San Diego County.

The Bear League said:

“A couple of compassionate and dedicated wildlife volunteers drove this little girl down to the Center on the day before Christmas. Though we told them we don’t name our patients, they had decided that she deserved a name and called her ‘Eve’ – in honor of the holiday. She was being given a special gift for Christmas. She would now have a warm, safe place to heal.”

When the little bear arrived, caretakers took her in and are focusing on helping her gain weight so she can get back on the track of good health.

Rescuer workers believe the cub is about a year old. And if she regrows her hair as they expect, she will eventually be released back into the wild.

The Bear League has taken a solid interest in the hairless black bear cub. And a few days before this writing, they shared an update to their Facebook page that read:

“Our little bare-bear is doing great! She is a hearty eater and so far has not been picky at all. She is responding well to enrichment items, and so far she has adjusted well to her new environment. She will need to remain in the medical ward for now, where we can sanitize her room, and we have the ability to keep her away from inclement weather and keep her on heat during our chilly nights.”

What do you think about this little hairless black bear cub? Do you think she’ll make a full recovery?