Group Of “Tough” Bikers Overrun Little Girl’s Lemonade Stand, Helps Her Sell Out In Minutes

Updated January 5, 2018

Oftentimes, bikers get a bad reputation and when you hear about groups of them, the stories are often negative. However, even though these bikers are definitely tough folks, they do have a heart and one story about bikers is sure to melt yours. Late in the spring in Des Moines, Iowa, two little girls were ready to test their entrepreneurial muscles and see how much lemonade they could sell. This is a time-honored summer tradition among kids who are trying to earn a few extra bucks for charity or summertime fun.

The two sisters were so excited to get their cute stand all set up. They then put out their disposable cups and filled the pitcher with lemonade and ice cubes.

They had a little business, but things were not going as well as they had planned. Then, all of the sudden, the street was taken over by a bunch of tough bikers. The girls likely had no idea what to expect when they saw the long line of them.

Now, these bikers were not there to harm the girls or take their money. They wanted to patronize the lemonade stand and make the girls incredibly happy. This particular group of bikers happened to be part of the Bikers Against Child Abuse, an international biker gang that travels the world to help children who are victims of abuse. They work to offer them protection and advocacy while the children are facing the most horrible and difficult time in their lives.

In addition to this noble cause, the gang also supports a number of other causes that help children all around the world. Once the girls and their dad knew who the bikers were, they were so excited to sell them some lemonade. Dad even took the time to record a video of the lengthy transaction.

Once the video was completed, he shared it on Facebook to brag about the awesome thing that this biker gang did. They made the girl’s day. Of course, they travel around doing a wealth of incredible things for kids and deserve all of the recognition that they can get.

When you watch the video, the girls, and the gang members are nothing but smiles and happiness. This is a video that proves that you definitely cannot judge a book by its over. Some neighbors were certainly a bit intimidated at first seeing so many bikers roaring down the street and getting in line.

This gang is well-known for their acts of kindness. They have helped countless children conquer their fears. For example, when a child is going through court proceedings to stand up to their abuser, the bikers stay with them every step of the way. This ensures that the child feels safe and has people on their side to offer love and support.

This was a day that these two girls will never forget. The bikers were likely on their way to help another child out when they noticed the lemonade stand. This means that they just helped two other kids that will be forever grateful.