Groom Patiently Waits For Paralyzed Bride To Open The Doors, Cries As Miracle Unfolds (video)

Updated January 25, 2018

Walking down the aisle is a moment that most brides dream about from the time they are little girls. There is one bride who was determined to walk down the aisle against all odds. Jennifer Darmon was a victim of an accident that left her pinned inside a van, fighting for her life. As a result of the accident, she was paralyzed from the waist down. While Jennifer came to terms with the fact that she may never walk again, she was filled with determination and strength that ultimately led her to conquer her dreamed-about walk down the aisle to her future husband, Mike Belawetz.

On her mission to walk again, Jennifer underwent several grueling physical therapy sessions every week and Mike cheered her on along the way. Worried that her recovery might be too much for him to have to deal with, Jennifer told him that he could leave her, but he stood faithfully by her side, even driving the three hours to her rehab appointments three times a week. Mike also informed Jennifer that it didn’t matter what her future looked like, he just wanted her to be his wife.

“I will walk down that aisle,” said Jennifer, before the big day. “It’s not an if or a maybe, it is absolutely going to happen.”

In a video that will leave you in tears of joy and will arm you with motivation to accomplish the impossible, Jennifer can be seen walking down the aisle toward Mike. With leg braces under her gown, Jennifer can be seen taking one step at a time, arm in arm with her father and brother. The fitting song, “Walk with You,” plays in the background as Jennifer makes her way down the aisle.

The lyrics in the song say…“Don’t let the beauty of this life pass you by. I’ll take this slow sweet walk with you.”

When Jennifer reached the front of the church, she used the help of a walker as she exchanged vows with her new husband. And then, Mike picked her up and carried her back down the aisle and out the door. The two went on to cause more tears at the reception when they danced together.

This is proof that anything is possible. It was evident in Jennifer’s words that she was not giving up and she would do what she had to do to make her dream of walking down the aisle happen. The odds were against her and she faced them head on and conquered the impossible. With such a tough start to their time together, Mike and Jennifer will be able to get through anything in the future.

Several commenters were inspired by Jennifer’s perseverance…

“This was amazing, it touches my heart. God bless you.”

“This is so inspirational.”

It doesn’t matter what the situation is, it matters how you respond to it and what type of attitude you direct toward it. For Jennifer, it was about not even allowing negativity to get inside her head. She said she would…and she did.