Few Holiday Commercials Have Made Me Tear Up As Much As This Little Known One [video]

Updated December 8, 2017

Now that we are fully immersed in the holiday season, we are sure to be bombarded by those ads that tug on our heartstrings and get us to buy nearly everything. The jewelry stores tend to be heavy hitters when it comes to taking the emotions up a notch during the holiday season, as they encourage us to purchase diamonds and jewels to show our loved ones just how much we care. What better time to propose then on Christmas morning?

One commercial in particular has captured the emotions of viewers everywhere. The ad is for John Lewis, which is a store in the UK that offers both in store and online shopping.

A little girl peers through her telescope at the moon and looks on in wonder, and then that turns to amazement when she spots an old man walking out of his home on the moon. She waves her hand rapidly back and forth, as if she is just feet away from the man. She clearly wants to befriend him. And then she is interrupted by having to go about her normal routine, but we get the sense that she longs to be in front of her telescope observing the new friend that she has made.  As soon as she gets home from school, she is seen eating her dinner, seated right in front of her telescope watching her new friend as he sits on a bench all alone.

The little girl takes it a step further and attempts to shoot an arrow from the highest window in her house, hoping to reach the man on the moon. Much to her chagrin, she obviously misses and is left feeling defeated, resting her head in her hand.

And then we fast forward to her enjoying the holiday season with dancing and gifts and a big smile upon her face. The old man on the moon still sits alone, and then we are all taken by surprise when several balloons arrive in front of him, carrying a little wrapped package and landing right by his feet. A big smile spreads across his face as he opens the package to see a small telescope.

As he places it up to his eye, he focuses in on the little girl’s house, and there she is standing in front of the window and waving. As the story unfolds, a peaceful song plays in the background and the lyrics…”you’re half the world away,” serenade the listener. And then we see a gentle tear trickle down the old man’s cheek.

The message of the ad is simple…

“Show someone their loved this Christmas.”

And the reason for the emotional advertisement?

A recent press release said that the ad was created to drive awareness and support for some of the millions of older people who can go for a month without speaking to anyone.

This ad certainly made its point as you do end up feeling for the man on the moon. It also shows the rare companionships that can form over loneliness.