Driver Tries To Warn Truck Driver, But He’s Too Late. Hits Record To Catch What Happens

Updated January 3, 2018

Operating a truck takes a lot of skill. Because these massive machines have so much weight behind them, they require a lot of torque to get moving. The engines that power these machines need a lot of power to get them going from a cold stop. To that end, people who operate large vehicles like semi-trucks, construction machines, dump trucks, and other such mean machines need to be well trained. If they are not trained, they can cause mass destruction.

Even a slight mistake can result in numerous fatalities and casualties. And if someone is not paying attention while behind the wheel of a large vehicle, they put everyone else’s lives in danger, especially when they are forced to all share a busy road.

Although the drivers in these massive trucks are usually safe because they are protected by tons of metal and are higher above the ground, those who drive smaller vehicles on the roads are put into danger when a truck driver is inept.

And this August, an incapable truck driver made a horrible mistake in Houston, Texas when he touched the wrong switch in his dump truck.

A father and a son happened to be following this Texas dump truck when the driver proved he did not pay attention when he was studying to take on the job. Instead of the dump truck driver putting the bed of the truck flat, he raised it up high and caused massive destruction.

As you’ll see in the video from the father and son, the dump truck driver was cruising along the highway in Houston when he started to raise the bed of his truck up. And as he sped by faster than the speed limit, the inept driver aimed at one of the green road signs. The dump truck driver smashed right into it and caused a huge accident on the highway.

The foolish truck driver sent his truck spiraling out of control as it scattered across the Houston highway and across the road. As a result, twisted metal was left all over the Texas landscape, and the driver was left twiddling his thumbs after realizing the error of his ways.

KTRK reported that the dump truck driver’s simple mistake shut down traffic along the busy northbound highway for hours. Lanes of the East Loop were out of commission because the dump truck driver did not pay attention when he was learning how to operate the vehicle.

The pickup truck that ran the dash cam footage of the accident had tried to warn the dump truck driver. But the truck driver was oblivious to all other people on the road and did not pay attention to the pickup truck passenger who was screaming and waving at him to warn him about the raised bed.

Although the dump truck caused massive damage to the road, according to the video, it does not seem like any other cars were destroyed. At least no one seems to be caught in the middle of the Houston wreckage.

It took crews all day to clear the lanes so Houston traffic could resume its fast-paced movement once again.