Dog Knows He Needs Help, Heads To The Clinic By Himself; Knocks On Their Door

Updated January 9, 2018

Some would say that dogs are amazingly smart, while others might disagree. If you were one to disagree with the notion, take a look at this brilliant pooch, who not only took himself to the vet, but also knocked on the door to get some much-needed assistance.

According to a report from ThaiVisa National Thailand News, a Golden Retriever with an eye injury approached a local vet himself for help. He didn’t just wait outside, either, he reportedly pawed at the door of the Petto Street clinic in Lam Lukka, Pathum Thani to get inside.

Once in the doors, the vet, Siramanee Wongpitayadisai, was able to assess the dog’s injury and patch him up as well as put a collar on the pooch to prevent him from scratching himself and reinjuring the area while it heals.

The appearance of the dog at the clinic all by himself raised some questions about who his owner was, as the vet didn’t believe he was a stray because he was well cared for and trained.

The vet clinic toured the area on motorcycle, but were unable to locate the dog’s owner, so they posted information on Facebook to see if anyone could connect the dog with his human. Social media to the rescue – the dog and his owner were later reunited after word traveled to someone in the owner’s circle. The dog reportedly got out while his person was distracted and was hurt in the process. Good thing he was so smart to get medical attention!

There were a number of comments on ThaiVisa National Thailand News’ Facebook post about the story, including: “Some animals are smarter than people!” and “Now that’s a smart dog.” Another commenter, however, pointed out this: “One assumes he has been to this vet before, so strange they did not know the owner.”

One person who commented on the story wrote: “And yet, some people insist on mistreating our beloved friends,” while another commenter joked: “It was even more impressive when the dog paid by debit card.”

Some people weren’t so impressed, however, thinking that perhaps this was just for some media attention, as one person wrote: “yes, of course he did, or maybe some made up BS by  Petto Street clinic in Lam Lukka, Pathum Thani, to put on social media. Pretty clever free advertising there, I’m kind of impressed.”

Another naysayer pondered: “What a strange story. The dog was familiar with that particular vet so should be ‘in the system’ and yet the vet did not recognizee it?”

When one person said the dog should have been put down, another commenter reacted: “Why? It was someone’s pet, a part of their family, who ran off. Do you have a young son or daughter? What is your reaction if I say that I hope that if they run off and get injured in an accident they too will be put down if they seek help. Jeez! I’m happy that I am unlikely to have the misfortune to meet such a callously heartless human being. If it came to company, I’d prefer the dog any day.”