Dad Teases Mom, Says Getting Twins Dressed Is Easy. So She Films And Shares It Online (video)

Updated January 8, 2018

Parenting twins can’t be easy – especially when it comes to changing two babies at the same time, as this dad found out. Persistence, it turns out, is the key, though these two babies definitely make it hard to not want to completely give up on the whole endeavor. The video kicks off with dad laying one baby down on a onesie to get dressed while the other baby immediately is off and crawling. You can just tell this isn’t going to be an easy job!

With one baby laid in place, dad grabs the baby on the move and as he gets that one in position and begins dressing him, the first child rolls over and picks up the onesie that’s been so carefully placed on the floor.

With one baby half-dressed, dad turns his attention back to the other baby, grabbing the clothing while keeping the baby from escaping and attempting to lay out the garment once again.

Watch out! The other kid is up and on the move yet again, while the first baby picks up the onesie as the father is attempting to get him into it, making dad’s job nearly impossible.

He lays out the clothing again, gets the baby placed on top of it, and grabs the other child who is crawling away. Exhausted yet? We can only imagine that this dad might need a nap after this dressing session.

Okay, the crawling baby is now back next to dad and the other child has started to roll over and out of the onesie that the dad had in place for him. Dad rolls the baby back into place and begins dressing him, and, no surprise, the other baby is on the move yet again.

Now he’s got each child half dressed, bringing the first baby back into place to finish the job while the second one takes off, and alternating the process of grabbing a baby, getting a leg into the pajamas, and grabbing the other child and doing the same.

Finally, one of the kids stands up nearby and is occupied for a few seconds so the dad can finish dressing the other one. What a workout!

The video got plenty of attention online, with many people weighing in with comments on The Hook’s Facebook post about the dad’s wild time dressing his twins, with one person noting:

“Seems he would save himself a lot of effort if he dressed one at a time. Put one in the cot while you dress the other then swap.”

Another commenter echoed this idea, explaining:

“When I had to do this I put one in the cot whilst I dressed the other, then swapped them around! Obviously this guy has a lot of time to waste!” Another person responded: “I think he was trying to make a cute video, or at least I hope so. I was also thinking why wouldn’t you just do one at a time?”

One commenter shared this exhausting experience:

“Once my twins learned how to take their clothes off, one would be getting dressed and the other would be undressing… fun times.”