Dad Sends Internet Into A Fit Of Laughter When He Joins Daughter’s Dance Routine ( video)

Updated January 28, 2018

Men can be as masculine as they want until they have a daughter. With the birth of a baby girl, a dad’s life changes drastically. By the time that little girl turns three there is a good chance that daddy is smitten and will fall for nearly everything. It is for this reason that so many grown men walk around with pink toenail polish hidden beneath their work socks and shoes and masculine exterior.

One dad is proving that there is nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to being yourself around your daughters…even if that means getting into a form-fitting leotard.

Watch the hilarious video below!

Most little girls love to dance and sing, and most daddy’s happily sit in the audience. But, Steve Haddad of Monroe, Michigan isn’t like most dad’s and he is a bit more hands-on than others. So hands-on in fact that he not only acted the part but he dressed the part as well and luckily his wife, Tina Spadaro Haddad managed to capture the whole thing on camera. Alongside his two daughter’s, Steve can be seen singing Beyonce’s hit song, “All the Single Ladies,” in an unforgettable lip sync contest.

Making sure that they mimicked Beyonce perfectly, along with his girls, Steve got dressed in a skin-tight black leotard and nude pantyhose to enhance his shapely legs.

And while most dads would think, getting in the costume was enough to prove to his daughters that he could have fun and be a cool dad, Steve took it a step further and went above and beyond in his performance, shaking his hips in just the right places, as if this is what he has longed to do. And he’s so good at it that his daughters are the ones that end up having to keep up with him.

In the video that has gone viral, you can witness Steve getting his groove on in a costume that fits him in all the right places. The video was posted by his wife, along with the following comment…

“You asked you received……Haddad Lip Sync contest. Stay back girls he’s all mine!!! #BESTDAD #Beyonce #allthesingleladies #christmaslipsync.”

Evidently, this isn’t the first time that Steve has been involved in such a performance and it’s an annual event in the Haddad household. Steve and his girls get together for a lip sync contest every year, and it looks like so far, this one tops them all.

In just one week, Steve’s video has seen 21 million viewers. Surely his videos will be requested in the future and maybe he will start a series of these lip sync contests.

Commenters had a lot to say about Steve’s noteworthy appearance…

“So cute! I love he can have fun like this with them. These girls will remember this for the rest of their lives. Great dad!”

“I love it. This Dad gets it. These little girls a great blessing.”

Some dad’s shared their own familiar stories…

“I sat and played with Barbies with my daughter (i was Ken), I did tea parties with her and her favorite stuffed friends, we even had our own dance moves to Achy Breaky Heart, But I thank the good Lord that she never asked me to do this. This dad has all my respect and all my sympathy.”