Dad Finds Photo So Disturbing On Son’s Phone, He Calls Police And Has Him Locked Up Immediately

Updated January 17, 2018

A father from O’Fallon, Missouri was in utter shock when he took a look at his son’s phone and found an image that left him feeling “disgusted.” And because he was a man of high morals, he had “no other option” but to report his 17-year-old son to the police.

The father had confiscated the phone from his son after the teen misbehaved. It was an act of discipline that turned out to be something so much worse than he had expected. The father found photos of a naked two-year-old girl on his teen son’s phone. He was so disturbed and shocked he called the police immediately.

Paul Spensperger has been forced to rethink his relationship with his teen son, Andrew. After calling the police for finding the lewd image of the child on his phone, Paul also refuses to bail out his son because he wants the teen to “learn” that actions come with consequences. And he is utterly disgusted that his son has a pedophilic interest.

Paul spoke to the Daily Mail about his son and how the teen is feeling now that his name has been tarnished forever.

“He feels like s***. He feels remorse, and he is scared. He’s facing time in prison. I could go and get him, but he needs to learn,” Paul said.

On Tuesday, the O’Fallon Police Department shared a press released that outlined just how horrible the situation really was. Paul called the police to report his son’s possession of the lewd images on December 30, 2017. The 2-year-old girl was a relative of “the reporting party’s girlfriend.” While that legal jargon can be difficult to decipher, it sounds like the toddler was related to Paul’s girlfriend.

The police report read as follows:

“On 12/30/17, the O’Fallon Police Department received a call to the 400 block of Vine St. regarding inappropriate pictures located on a cellular phone used by the reporting party’s son. The photos were of a two-year-old relative of the reporting party’s girlfriend. During the investigation, it was revealed that the suspect had planned to sell the photos for cash.

“The St Charles County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office issued charges on Andrew Spensberger, a 17-year-old O’Fallon resident, for Possession of child p***ography, a 1st-degree offense, with a $10,000 bond.”

Andrew revealed to the police that he was trying to sell the photos to a person he knew. According to the police, Andrew wanted to sell the lewd images of the toddler to his classmate “whom he believed to be a pedophile and would be interested in young girls.” He wanted to sell the photos for $350. The teen was going to sell pictures of his dad’s girlfriend for cash. Now that’s low.

Paul described more about the situation:

“(Paul) was in a bind… and I have no doubt there are kids at his school that would buy s*** like that. It’s disgusting. It’s unethical, and it should never happen.”

What kind of punishment should this teen get for collecting and attempting to distribute images of a nude toddler?