Dad Arrives To Watch The Birth Of His Quintuplets, Then Doctors Say There Are No Babies

Updated January 17, 2018

When Paul Servat learned that his girlfriend was pregnant, he committed to changing his life for the better. He wanted to be prepared to be a fantastic father, so he put all his energy into making that come true. He was by his girlfriend Barbara Bienvenue’s side as soon as she told him the good news. Servat was exuberant. He had always wanted to bring a life into the world and prove himself as a dad.

During the summer, the pair had met online like many couples do these days. And just two months into their infatuated relationship, Bienvenue told Servat that he had gotten her pregnant. That was in September. And he took the news like a champ.

After she went to an appointment with her doctor a few weeks later, she told him they were having twins only to revise her position and tell him they were having triplets. Then they were expecting quadruplets. And finally, they settled on having quintuplets.

Through it all, Servat did not question Bienvenue. Often doctors struggle to identify how many babies are gestating when there is a multiple births.

While the idea of raising five babies terrified Servat, he remained optimistic and forward focuses. He was proving to the world that he had what it took to be a wonderful dad.

He did the right thing. Servat helped pick out the babies’ names. And he even told his parents and encouraged them to get excited about meeting their grandchildren.

Because raising five babies is intimidating, the local community started to help. They began donating items and money to help Servat and Bienvenue raise five children.

Servat purchased five cribs and waited for the little ones to come into the world so he could prove how much he loved them.

Eventually, the day came when Bienvenue was ready to deliver the babies. Then a nurse pulled Servat aside and whispered a horrible secret to the expectant father.

There were no babies. Bienvenue was not even pregnant.

That’s when the hospital made a strong decision. Bienvenue did not need to be in the maternity ward. She needed to be in the psychiatric ward.

Servat was utterly confused and hurt. Her lies broke his spirit and made him feel so low.

“I lost everything, it was my whole life,” Servat told The Toronto Sun.

His dreams of becoming a father were quashed from the beginning. His girlfriend had not truly been pregnant.

As for the items that were received from members of the community, Bienvenue said they would return or donate them.

“I’ll return all these things to people who sent them or give them (away). I’m a good person, and I have nothing to do with these lies,” she stated.

Bienvenue suffered from a condition known as pseudocyesis. She truly believes that she was pregnant. She even suffered from lactation, morning sickness, and abdominal swelling. The mind is truly a powerful thing.

We hope Servat one day experiences the joy of fatherhood. Based on how he responded to this situation, we suspect he’ll make a wonderful dad.