Crew Finds Dog Living In Cemetery, Decide To Follow Him; Leads To Devastating Realization

Updated January 10, 2018

Dogs are loyal until the end. And this image goes to prove that. As you will see, a devoted dog waits by his owner’s gravesite and refuses to leave until he is ready. Although the dog’s new owners call to the canine, the dog named Deta stays where he is and ignores them. He is loyal to his original owner and does not care that the person is in the ground.

Deta belonged to an 86-year-old woman who died two months ago. And now that the deceased woman’s daughter, Theresa Morini owns Deta, the dog still misses his original owner.

On Christmas, Morini brought Deta along to the cemetery in Amsterdam, New York to lay a Christmas wreath on the woman’s grave. Deta could hardly handle the emotional reunion with his owner’s gravesite.

Deta is not interested in joining Morini after visiting the grave. Although the dog’s new owner wants to leave the cemetery and return to her healthy life, Deta simply wants to wait and mourn over his original owner’s death. He feels the pain of losing her and wants to sit with his emotions and smell her scent for a while longer.

Eventually, Deta starts to walk back to the car to join Morini. But every time she turns her back to Deta, the dog stops walking.

Then Morini’s husband calls out to the mournful dog.

“Deta you have to leave the cemetery, come on.”

While the canine knows it is time to go, he turns back to spend more time at his owner’s grave.

Theresa then takes a turn calling to Deta. But when she sees how determined the dog is to stay with the grave, the deceased woman’s daughter grows emotional herself. The 86-year-old woman really made an impact on people’s lives.

Only later, Theresa explained that her husband had to go fetch the dog and carry Deta in his arms back to the car and away from the grave. Deta absolutely refused to leave.

The footage was taken in November when the family was lying the wreath down on the grave. The incident happened two months after the owner died.

When Theresa posted the video online, she wrote about how Deta had been her mother’s “constant companion.”

Theresa Morini wrote, “Deta belonged to my mother for five years, and I inherited Deta on my mothers’ death. My mother was 86 when she passed and rarely left her home. Deta was a constant companion. My husband and I were placing a Christmas wreath on my mother’s grave on November 15. That stone Deta is laying next to belongs to my father and mother. You can still see the fresh dirt on my mothers’ grave. She passed September 24, 2017. Deta (which means ‘little’ in Slavic) was being so quiet when we arrived, which is so out of character. My husband had to go and carry her from the grave to get her to leave.”

Check out the footage for yourself. It may bring a tear to your eye.

What was your reaction to seeing this dog refuse to leave the cemetery?