‘Chachi’ from ‘Happy Days’ Is All Grown Up, His Appearance Today Has People Talking

Updated January 7, 2018

The curse of being a child actor is well known.  Most child actors get the big break and enjoy the limelight for a few years.  Maybe they make a couple big movies in their teenage years and look so good that everyone just falls for them.  Magazine features come pouring in, move scripts are everywhere, and they see their face on the billboard as they drive home from dinner every night.  That kind of success can really get to your head, and it messes most people up.  The sad truth is that these years will probably be the best of their lives, and they are too young to know it!

Scott Baio was barely able to make it out of his teen years as an actor.  He nearly fell from grace into obscurity and mid-life crisis after acting in ‘Happy Days’ from 1977 to 1984.

These performances were a long time ago.  Many of the folks that watched the budding actor strut his stuff have since passed away, and only those young kids who watched the show recall how exuberant Scott was.  It would be hard for these folks to believe that Scott is nearly sixty years old now!

In the end though, the important thing is that we have all those episodes to watch that captured his spontaneous antics at a young age.  For most Americans, this image of young Scott is cemented permanently in their brains so much so that his actually aging defies logic.  He is Scott from ‘Happy Days’ and he will be forever young!

On the eve of his sixtieth year, let’s recount the acting career of this American hero.  Scott rose to fame playing Chachi Arcola in ‘Happy Days.’  The defining feature of Chachi’s character was his undying love for Joanie, played by the equally impressive Erin Moran.  The depths of their attraction even spawned a separate show called ‘Joanie Loves Chachi’.

This experiment was ended after just 17 episodes because the ratings were so bad, and so the two actors went back to ‘Happy Days.’

The next big hit for Scott came in 1984 with ‘Charles in Charge’.  He played a 19 year-old college kid who babysat in exchange for a room to rent during his studies.

The hard times hit after this film.  Although Scott was one of the most sought-after teen stars in Hollywood during the 70s and early 80s, it did not take long for his name to be ignored by directors and producers.  He was essentially out of work for years after his big break, and no one is really sure why.

VH1 helped get him back on his feet with ‘Scott Baio is 45 and … Single’ which was quickly followed up with ‘Scott Bai is 46 and … Pregrant.” Scott is actually married to the lovely Renee Sloan, a former Playboy Playmate.

Probably the most notable role he has played since his youth was ‘Confessions of a Teen Idol.’  Talk about being stuck in the past, right?  We think the saddest part is that he was picked to produce ‘See Dad Run’, a movie about a failed actor who has to stay at home and watch the kids.  The sad part is that it was loosely based on his life!