Cancer Patient Who Had Terminal Diagnosis, Turns To Popular Spice; Now She’s In Remission

Updated January 15, 2018

There are so many potential roads to take with cancer treatment.  The conventional doctor will always tell you to go through with chemotherapy because, frankly, it is the most effective resource we have for killing the cancerous blood cells that would otherwise propagate in the body.  Many people have always gone down the route of alternative medicine, which usually includes a raw diet and lots of meditation to help the body and mind kill the cancerous cells without having to resort to the painful process of chemo.

Most naturopathic alternative attempts at killing cancer cells have been met with a mixed reception, at best.  Some people just do not do it right, or in some cases, they are just doomed to pass away early.

However, a recent case of alternative cancer medication may turn some heads.  Diane Ferguson, a 67-year-old with blood cancer had gone through some grueling chemo without much success.  The myeloma was spreading even after all that treatment and it seemed like there was no hope – until she started taking turmeric doses every day.

Doctor’s say Ferguson is the first reported case of someone successfully battling cancer solely on the basis of turmeric treatment after ceasing conventional medical treatment.

So how bad did it get?

Ferguson had gone through a lot of medical testing since her diagnosis in 2007.  She had gone through three rounds of chemo and two stem cell transplants over the years.  The cancer, which most people live with for five years before passing away, was only bringing worse pain and suffering to her mind and body.

She found the turmeric cure on the internet in 2011 and decided to give it a shot.  The treatment consisted of taking 8g of curcumin (one of the main compounds of turmeric) a day.  It was not a cheap affair – the pills cost 50 pounds for 10 days – but it would be nearly impossible to get the same amount of curcumin from basic household turmeric, which is just 2% curcumin.

Her doctors reported on her case to the British Medical Journal Case Reports: ‘to the best of our knowledge, this is the first report in which curcumin has demonstrated an objective response in progressive disease in the absence of conventional treatment.”

The surprise is that she has remained healthy and cancer free since her myeloma count dropped.  Ferguson continues to take the same regular dosage, which must have something to do with it.

As it turns out, curcumin has a pretty strong medical pedigree in research and application.  Over 50 studies have been conducted with the spice in the past century, and research indicates it can help protect against cancers, Alzheimer’s, depression and heart disease.  It has been more widely used in Eastern medicine over the years, as the Western approach leaves less room for herbs and spices in treatment methods.

However, Ferguson is on the rampage to get more doctors informed about the benefits of curcumin and wants to see it and other spices used more regularly.  Do you wonder, why after the miracle spice saved her life?