Baby With Bad Vision Has Special Glasses Made, Moment He Puts Them On Is Warming Hearts All Over

Updated January 29, 2018

Many people living in the United States take things for granted. I know I sometimes do. The vast majority of us are blessed with a house to stay warm in, food to eat, and fresh water to drink. People who have experienced bad luck or have been thrown into the throes of poverty are not so lucky. And the ones of us who are fortunate to have nice things need to do a better job appreciating the blessings in our lives. But possessions are not the only things we need ought to show more gratitude for. Our health is another big thing we often take for granted.

Sometimes people go their whole lives eating whatever they want, no matter how it influences their health, ignoring doctors’ advice and simply expecting their bodies to function at full capacity with little to no work to help maintain it. Then when they’re stricken with a cancer diagnosis or suffer a heart attack, they wake up to how they’ve been failing at their health and take drastic action to improve it.

But we do not have to wait for an accident or a health scare to come into our lives to appreciate the good health we do have. Some people navigate life in a wheelchair, are hard of hearing, or suffering from blindness. When we consider the challenges those brave people face, we must remember to appreciate the things that are going right in our lives.

The young baby in the video below, Christian, suffers from vision issues. Ever since the day he was born, he has not been able to see clearly.

While his family and the medical professionals did not know that Christian had trouble seeing straight away, as he grew they noticed that he struggled with his vision. That’s when his parents decided to take him to an eye doctor. And the boy was prescribed glasses.

You do not see glasses on babies very often. But babies can endure the same vision problems as adults. And if they’re really unable to navigate the world around them, doctors may recommend glasses.

When children get glasses at a young age, the device may help improve their ability to see. Not just from the glasses themselves, but as an aid to help the child strengthen their vision. When they can see clearly, they get better at using the sense and thus enhance it.

In the heartwarming video below, you’ll see the moment Christian is presented with his special glasses. While he was scared to put them on, after he starts to see the world clearly, he began to smile. The difference was profound and gave him much joy. Just look at the magnificent smile on his face. He totally lighted up when he got his new glasses.

And as you can imagine, this was a delight for his parents as well.

Hopefully, Christian’s new glasses help his vision improve and strengthen.

Lacking clarity in our lives has a negative impact on lots of other things. We’re glad to be able to share in the moment when Christian was able to see clearly for the first time.