Alien-like Creature Is Taking The Internet By Storm, Putting Some Into State Of Panic (video)

Updated January 17, 2018

Shocking footage shared online shows the strange moment a massive spider starts to shed its skin. As it emerges from within, the spider appears to have 16 legs at the same time. This video has sparked many people, including the writers at The Mirror, to question whether this arachnid is an arachnid at all – or if it has arrived from another planet entirely. As the large spider sheds its skin, it requires a massive effort to free itself from the confines of itself. And by the end of the seven-minute long video, the creature goes from having 16 legs to just its usual eight.

When the time is right, the spider pushes forth and frees itself from the old skin. Then it stands in the triumph of its victory.

As you probably guessed, this video was filmed in Australia. The clip came from the city of Victoria where a family happened upon the otherworldly incident and took out the camera.

And because the huntsman spider stood so still after shedding its skin, the woman who caught it on camera suspected that it had died.

The footage went live on Facebook this past Thursday. Already tens of thousands of people have viewed the giant spider shedding its skin.

Most people struggled to watch the spider emerge from itself. They found it too creepy to endure. Others found it to be a fascinating display of nature’s mysteries. They called the process of the Australian huntsman shedding its own skin both “magical” and “amazing.”

For example, one viewer wrote in the Facebook comments:

“Wow! I always find their molts but never caught one in the act before. How disgustingly fascinating.”

Another person shared,

“I have a huntsman called Heather who shares my house, but I have still never been lucky enough to see this before.”

A third viewer wrote:

“Were any of you getting worried about Spidey jumping out at the camera? I was on edge watching this.”

These massive huntsman spiders are common in Australia. They are not only as big as the spiders in your nightmares they can jump. That terrifies me.

Molting is a normal part of a huntsman spider’s development. As the spider grows, it needs to shed its skin so it can get bigger and reach its adult size.

According to the United Kingdom website, the Animal Corner, “Young Huntsman spiders are pale, with the young of Neosparassus often being green in color. They undergo several molts while still with their mother, hardening to a darker brown and eventually disperse. Huntsman spiders, like all spiders, molt in order to grow and often their old skin may be mistaken for the original spider when seen suspended on bark or in the house. The life span of most Huntsman species is about two years or more.”

While the footage in the video might be shocking to witness for us, it is in no way unusual. Huntsman spiders molt as part of their way of life. And so do other spiders. Catching it on video is certainly a special thing to witness.