6-Year-Old Who Doesn’t Talk Due To Disorder Can’t Stop Smiling After Adopting Deaf Dog

Updated January 13, 2017

When Brandi Guillet first adopted her now 6-year-old son at birth, she knew that he would be unable to speak. But the unidentified boy has adapted to life and learned to communicate through American sign language.

Unfortunately, being mute makes it hard for the young boy to make friends. Although he has some friends from school, most of the time he is pretty lonely.

But when the family started fostering a deaf Boxer, the young boy and dog quickly fell in love. As a result, Brandi snapped a photo of her son and their foster dog cuddled up on the couch and shared in on Facebook.

Her image quickly went viral and people love what it means!

When Brandi shared the snap on the Deaf Dogs Rock Facebook group, she never expected it to become a viral sensation. But expectations are often wrong – and the photo quickly spread all over the internet.

Along with the adorable photo of the boy and dog snuggling on the couch, Brandi wrote:

“I adopted my son at birth knowing he had a genetic disorder. He is now 6 and nonverbal but uses sign for communication.

“We are fostering a beautiful deafie boxer girl (soon to be adopted!). She is amazing with my son. She is the most gentle, loving girl ever.

“The most BEAUTIFUL part of this adoption is my son and his dog can actually talk to each other!”

Because viewers have been inspired by the post, it has been shared nearly two hundred times and liked almost 1,000 times.

“Brandi added, “There is something so special about this dog. Something different… I’m so drawn to her. I swear this is the beginning of my deafie doggie rescue love.”

Brandi and her son will be adopting the dog to both of their delight!

Dozens have shared their comments including:

“[Deaf dogs] truly are the best dogs on earth. Buster was a foster failure as well. He’s everyone’s favorite who comes to visit. Congrats on your beautiful girl! Your son looks so happy with her.”

“This is amazing! My resting pit was 13 when she went deaf and it was a total new life with her, teaching myself and her how to communicate through our own made up signs. We spent 2 years signing before she passed and although she wasn’t born deaf it definitely opened my eyes to a new love for deaf dogs”

What a precious picture! They don’t need words to show they love each other!!”

“With a bond like that, you should be the one to keep that dog (or are YOU the one adopting??). That’s a hard thing to find and your son will greatly benefit from it, they both will.”

What’s most inspiring about the image is the boy’s smile. He is so relaxed and comfortable with the boxer, which is almost as big as him!

Brandi concluded, “I highly encourage adoption of deaf dogs … She is such a perfect family. We have been blessed with Ellie

How does this image make you feel? Warm and fuzzy inside?